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• Radar Enabling

For operation of the export or import the company must previously provide next to Federal Revenue your qualification in the RADAR system as well as the accreditation of its representatives for the practice of activities related to customs clearance through SISCOMEX.

Currently, the legislation that deals with this qualification is regulated by RFB Normative Instruction No. 1603, of December 15, 2015.

Enabling Types:

• Radar Express: unlimited export / import with a limit of up to US$ 50,000.00
• Radar Limited: unlimited export / import with a limit of up to US$ 150,000.00 semester
• Unlimited Radar: Unlimited Export / Unlimited Preparation

• Import

• Preliminary examination of import documents.
• Elaboration of Import Licenses with the consent of the various intervening bodies.
• Contracting and coordination of the shipment of the merchandise (if necessary).
• Insurance contract (if necessary).
• Import Declaration at SISCOMEX.
• Guidance for issuing Invoice.
• Customs Clearance.
• Contracting and coordination of delivery transportation.

• Export

• Preliminary examination of export documents.
• Square lock.
• Contracting and coordination of collection (if necessary).
• Contracting of insurance (if necessary).
• Preparation and obtaining of Certificates of Origin.
• Guidance for issuing Invoices.
• Registration of the Single. Export Declaration - DUE with SISCOMEX.
• Customs ClearanceShipment follow-up.

• Cargo Handling

It acts with the main cargo agents to obtain the best freight for shipment, whether in the air, sea or road modal.

SOUTH ATLANTIC is an accredited company NVOCC (Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier), acting as an international shipping agent, including cargo consolidation.

Also has specialized partners in road transport, both in the delivery of import cargo and in export collections.

• Temporary Admission

SOUTH ATLANTIC is a company specialized in coordinating Temporary Admission processes, where it is allowed to import certain goods for a certain period, with total or partial suspension of customs duties.

Currently, this special regime is governed by RFB Normative Instruction No. 1,600, of December 14, 2015.

They fit into the Temporary Admission Scheme, among others, falls into the following situations: 

• Goods with scientific, technical, religious, sports, fairs and related events
• Quotes for repairs, repairs, maintenance and testing
• Goods ended up to cultural promotion
• Groups of wishes for scientific exams
• Goods destined to the provision of services
• Goods repaired for the production of other goods
• Goods destined to serve as industrial model, molds and matrices

• Customs Warehouse

SOUTH ATLANTIC is able to coordinate imports under the Special Customs Warehousing Regime, which allows the storage of foreign goods in customs premises with suspension of payment of customs duties. 

As a general rule, merchandise may remain in the customs warehouse for a period of up to one year, renewable for a period not exceeding two years in total, counting from the date of customs clearance of admission, but in special situations it may be granted, subject to a maximum of three years. 

This regime is supported by art. 404 of Decree No.6.759, of February 5, 2009. (Customs Regulation).

• "Drawback"

The Special Customs Regime Drawback consists of the suspension or exemption of taxes levied on inputs imported for use in exported products.

SOUTH ATLANTIC is able to advise for using this mechanism, that Works like an incentive for exports, because it reduces the production costs of exportable products, making them more competitive in the international market.

• "Ex" Tariff

Specialized in the elaboration of "Ex" tariff processes,where it pleads the reduction of the Import Tax for capital goods and computer and telecommunication goods with the Department of Development of Production (SDP) of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC). 

With this reduction, the importer:

• It makes possible an increase in the investment of goods that do not have similar production in Brazil.
• It incorporates new technologies that do not exist in the country, with repercussions on the productivity and competitiveness of the productive sector.
• Reduces the Import Tax from 14% to 0%, reducing greatly the cost.

• Temporary Export

SOUTH ATLANTIC is a company specialized in coordinating temporary export processes, where goods are allowed to leave the country, conditional upon their return within a specified period, in the same state in which they were exported (trade fairs, scientific events, commercial promotion, etc.). 

There is also the temporary export regime for outward processing, which allows the departure of the country for a fixed period of time, national or nationalized goods, to undergo the transformation, preparation, repair, processing or assembly operations abroad, and the subsequent reimportation, in the form of the resulting product, with payment of the taxes on value added.

Currently, this special regime is governed by RFB Normative Instruction No. 1,600, of December 14, 2015.

• Customs Advisory


• Special Projects

SOUTH ATLANTIC is able to offer for the clients advice on special projects according to their needs.

Among them, it can mention the implantation of factories, registration in the REIDI (Special Regime of Incentives for the Development of the Infrastructure, register of Trading Company, and everything that the vast legislation of the foreign trade allows.

• Legal Advice

From this vast experience, SOUTH ATLANTIC is able to offer for your company legal advice in the customs litigation with the organs involved in the foreign trade, in addition to studies for tax credits collected over or unduly.

• Entre Outros

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